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For the Good of the People

It is always a challenge in an ostensibly secular, but often overtly religious country to publicly address the purported divide between church and state. While the actual wording of the US Constitution does not explicitly state any such separation, Thomas … Continue reading

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Remedies for Climate Change

Consistent falsehoods promoted through American media and politicians notwithstanding, the theory of human-caused climate change has attained widespread acceptance throughout the scientific disciplines. While there are a handful of legitimate climatologists who are skeptical about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), that … Continue reading

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Personality Tests

There are any number of personality tests floating around the Web. Among the most popular are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Holland Code and DISC. Closely related to these tests are the learning styles indicators like the Gregorc Styles, SLIMBIL … Continue reading

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Reproducing Scientific Research

It’s long been an issue in scientific circles, but one that few have had the opportunity to truly investigate. Science is supposed to proceed through peer review and through studies that successfully reproduce published results. However, publishers are typically reluctant … Continue reading

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Science and the Harper Government

A few weeks ago, I praised the Canadian government for their decision to post unhindered data from Alberta’s Oil Sands, free to all who want to know about its productivity and environmental effects. As mentioned, this decision was announced in … Continue reading

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Open Data and Canada’s Oil Sands? Inconceivable!

A couple of years back, I explored the bizarre world of Alberta’s oil sands development and the extent to which it was being monitored by the provincial and federal governments of Canada. At the time, environmentalists everywhere were clamoring over … Continue reading

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