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Cancer: An Introduction

There are only a handful of historical documents that mention diseases even remotely comparable to cancer. Imhotep, the most celebrated of ancient Egyptian medical men, identified a “bulging mass in the breast” of one patient, and even with all of … Continue reading

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OINK! The Circle of Blood

The year is 1626, the place, London, England. The dining room of William Harvey has been cleared of the evening’s meal, the plates, cups and cutlery safely outside the room. The table has been stocked with cutting instruments, small bowls, … Continue reading

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Early Blood Transfusion

The early years of the scientific revolution, humanity’s first poke at addressing the real world sans our traditional superstitious blinders, were not nearly so wholly embraced with the urgency we might today expect. Seventeenth century medicine was still informed exclusively … Continue reading

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GMOs: An Ancient Practice, Refined

Granny Smith apples. Chiquita bananas. Golden Retrievers. Mice that glow in the dark. Every last one of them are genetically modified organisms. While it’s true that most of them took multiple generations to become what they are, all of them … Continue reading

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A History of RADAR

It’s hard for us to imagine now, but pilots of the early twentieth century used to navigate the lands and seas entirely by sight. Night flying, or travelling through thick fog, was out of the question under normal circumstances, and … Continue reading

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To Be or Whatever

To be, or not to be, that is the question— Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune, Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? To … Continue reading

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On the History of History

One of the most perplexing challenges of historical research is that of figuring out exactly how to extract fictional revisions from accounts of actual fact. Unlike scientific works, which aim to reveal “what is”, and thus function independent of human … Continue reading

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