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OINK! The Circle of Blood

The year is 1626, the place, London, England. The dining room of William Harvey has been cleared of the evening’s meal, the plates, cups and cutlery safely outside the room. The table has been stocked with cutting instruments, small bowls, … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Superman

I was asked, once, to name someone I consider a hero and why. It was not, and is not, an easy question to answer, because I am pretty much the antithesis of a traditionalist. I am a secular humanist. An … Continue reading

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GMOs: An Ancient Practice, Refined

Granny Smith apples. Chiquita bananas. Golden Retrievers. Mice that glow in the dark. Every last one of them are genetically modified organisms. While it’s true that most of them took multiple generations to become what they are, all of them … Continue reading

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A Forgotten Medium

The last fifteen years has seen an explosion of films related to the much-beleaguered medium known as comic books. While the medium itself has its roots in ancient history, most of us still think of them in terms of the … Continue reading

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