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Reproducing Scientific Research

It’s long been an issue in scientific circles, but one that few have had the opportunity to truly investigate. Science is supposed to proceed through peer review and through studies that successfully reproduce published results. However, publishers are typically reluctant … Continue reading

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On Long Reads

After once again reading through Nicholas Carr’s article, “Is Google making us stupid?”, which discusses the topic of whether or not the Internet has changed how we think, I find it poignant to note that the very same notions constantly … Continue reading

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How Bad is it Really?

An article has been buzzing around the Internet for the last few days. Entitled How Bad Is It?, the article is sometimes attributed, sometimes not, to the original author George Scialabba. He writes on the topic of the decline of … Continue reading

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Computer Programming for Everybody!

Marvin Ammori’s article on The Atlantic, How America Can Get More Start-Up Talent, posed the hypothesis that America can become more competitive as a nation by having its children grow up with a foundation of computer coding. Besides the obvious … Continue reading

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Statistical Literacy (Powerpoint presentation)

Backing slides for an oral presentation on statistical literacy. In order to provide the slides on this WordPress article, I will need to upgrade to a Pro account. Since I won’t be doing that anytime soon, here’s the link to my … Continue reading

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